About Exact Billing Solutions

Our Mission

Exact Billing Solutions ensures our clients receive maximum compensation and superior billing solutions to meet their exact needs.

Our Values

  • Quality. We Provide Efficient & Exact Service
  • Accountable. We Are Committed to What’s Right.
  • Commitment. Our A Game Is Always On
  • Respect. We Treat Others With Dignity








Who We Are.

We are a team of professionals in the medical billing field with a specialty in orthopedics, rheumatology, mental health, and substance abuse services. We have extensive industry knowledge, an understanding of the specific market challenges, and stand by our commitment to offer outstanding services.

What We Do.

We track every claim meticulously, creating a detailed database of revenue. By monitoring all of the claims in this manner, we are confident you will receive proper and prompt reimbursement for the services offered. We not only manage your billing and collections, but also help you resolve issues, improve financial visibility, and help maximize your collections.

What Sets Us Apart

We operate under a strict code of ethics, and transparency. We do not stray from our core values, and stay committed to handling your income drivers and patient balances. We work hard to stay on top of industry changes, allowing us to identify your exact billing needs to improve your organization’s revenue cycle.

  • Specialty-Specific Revenue Cycle Management 
  • Composite Score Reporting and Data Submission
  • Robust Analytics and Bench Marking Systems 
  • Concierge Coaching With Our Advisory Services

How We Charge

We either charge a flat fee or a percentage of your practice’s collections, depending on your state. Complete the form below for your free consultation and pricing estimate.

help with insurance claims

Each year, US doctors lose an estimated
$125 Billion in Revenue

to poor billing practices in part because in-house billers don’t always
understand what’s really going on with the revenue cycle.
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