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help with insurance claims

Each year, US doctors lose an estimated
$125 Billion in Revenue

to poor billing practices in part because in-house billers don’t always
understand what’s really going on with the revenue cycle.
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Broken Billing Cycle?

Orthopedic surgeons and their staff don’t have time to be focusing on financial claims and cash flow. To thrive in today’s environment, you need to focus on making the right medical and business decisions for your patients and your practice. That’s hard to do when your time and resources are already stretched.

So why not give yourself a break? Our experienced financial  professionals can help uncover valuable financial and operational insights. By allowing us to streamline and enhance your cash flow, you and your staff can reduce administrative duties and can improve patient engagement.

Intuitive Billing Solutions

To see how your practice measures up, you need to assess your billing and coding metrics and consider the impact of:

Total Clinical Collections - How much do you generate in total clinical collections?
Net Collection Ratio - What percentage of money do you collect against the amount you are legally owed?
Adjustments/Write-offs - What are your current insurance adjustments? Are all of your write-offs justified?
Days Sales Outstanding - How long from the date of service is it taking you to collect money?
Aged A/R Analysis - What are your current accounts receivable balances? Is the majority (85% or higher) collected within 0-60 days?

Personalized Consulting Solutions

Your billing Model should represent your practice specialty. You owe it to your staff, your patients and yourself to get the most out of your practice while staying prepared for your industry's future. To help provide a top notch experience our team will customize a solution to fit your needs. We will assist in identifying exactly what billing module would work best with your organizational structure and your leadership style.